Granger Smith

Country Music Singer/Songwriter, Father, Husband

In a heart-wrenching testimony of tragedy and perseverance, country singer/songwriter Granger Smith recounts the horrific event that took his 3 year old son from this earthly life. He and his wife Amber used their life-changing experience to learn the hard way – the path to overcoming, endurance, and life-giving counsel and encouragement to others.

In this episode you will hear:

  • There’s more to the meaning of a tragedy than reason because reason doesn’t always make sense.
  • What can we learn from [River’s] one thousand days?
  • After facing death, it opens your eyes as to what truly matters.
  • Another day forward is so valuable. What about today? Today is what we have.
  • Even if you can deal with today, deal with this hour. If you can’t deal with this hour, deal with the next minute. If you can’t deal with this minute, deal with the next breath. Pretty soon, there comes a perspective, and your brain becomes more clear.
  • Granger hates five year plans.
  • When we came home, our kids had written on the driveway with chalk, “Welcome Home River.”
  • [Musically], I know there’ll be some River stuff comin’
  • Rivers organ donations saved two adults.
  • You gotta take care of yourself. Wake up at the same time every day, brush your teeth and comb your hair.
  • You’re not gonna have these days forever.
  • I try not to think about why because that mental slide show plays over and over.
  • “One more kiss” [Amber]
  • I can’t think of the future, I need to focus on the now.
  • There is a purpose for disaster. It’s not ever going to be understandable. It’s never going to be logical.

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