Eric Blehm

NYT Best-Selling Author Unveils "The Darkest White," Heroic Stories of Veterans, Story of How "Lone Survivor" Went Public

Unveiling Stories of Courage and Adventure

In this week’s Team Never Quit episode, Marcus and Melanie sit down with Eric Blehm, an acclaimed author whose storytelling prowess has carved a niche in the realms of adventure, courage, and the human spirit. With a track record that boasts New York Times bestsellers and accolades like the National Outdoor Book Award, Blehm’s narrative skills have captivated readers across the globe.
A groundbreaking moment in his journalistic career was in 1999 when he became the first journalist to accompany and keep pace with an elite Army Ranger platoon, setting a milestone in American war journalism.
His immersion with the Special Operations community led to gripping accounts, including the story of eleven Green Berets who changed the course of history in Taliban-held southern Afghanistan just weeks after 9/11 (The Only Thing Worth Dying For).
Fearless and Beyond delves into the inspiring story of Naval Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Adam Brown, showcasing resilience in the face of addiction and devastating injuries.
Eric’s storytelling prowess extends to Legend, an account of the U.S. Army’s 240th Assault Helicopter Company and Green Beret Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez.
In his latest work, The Darkest White, Blehm returns to his mountain roots to recount the life of snowboarding’s original superstar, Craig Kelly. The book explores Kelly’s journey from being the sport’s first true professional to his tragic end in the powdery backcountry that initially drew him to his calling.
Both Fearless and Legend are currently in the process of being adapted for film by major Hollywood producers and studios, attesting to the cinematic appeal of Blehm’s storytelling.
Join us for an episode filled with riveting tales of courage, adventure, and the human spirit as Eric Blehm takes us behind the scenes of his extraordinary storytelling career.

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In this episode you will hear:
• I want to not only hook a reader with something interesting, but I want to give them a reason to finish the book. (7:15)
• I always try to get some sort of a cliffhanger, something early on that will keep someone reading. (7:20)
• If someone comes back and asks me where this sentence came from, or where this quote from, • I want to have an answer. (9:18)
• I would rather have a hole in my story than fill it with bullshit. (9:46)
• Some stories that are very true cannot be told true, because certain people don’t want shit told. (11:01)
• At some point in your life, you’re taken away by a story.  (12:24)
• I wanted to be a pro snow boarder in the 80s. (13:26)
• I do not even know the whole story of how Lone Survivor came together. (23:44)
• [Marcus] When it was time to do the movie, I got to live with [Director] Peter Berg. (26:41)
• I was chatting with one of [Ted Nugent’s] bandmates. [I asked] Is it true that he will only shoot something he eats? And he said “It is absolutely true. Sometimes I wish he’d shoot a salad.” (34:57)
• To die a hero [Adam Brown] with all those skeletons buried. (37:29)
• People often ask if there’s a common thread to all these special ops or operators, and it seems to me that everybody has overcome something already. Someone once said: “Children of Adversity.” (37:40)
• A woman will change a man’s religion and his politics. (39:58)
• There’s 2 heroes in Fearless: Kelly Brown and Adam Brown. (41:13)
• [Melanie] Now you get the Trident when you graduate BUDS. (44:05)
• There’s a certain personality that the SEALs have. They are people people. It’s very much a mental game. (48:26)
• There’s always a choice between making something “Wacky Hollywood” vs “This is what really happened.” (52:04)
• Roy Benavidez was a real badass. He’s the one person I’d want beside me if I was surrounded by the enemy and running out of ammo. (53:04)
• You {Marcus] are a household name, and people look to you as someone who stands for America. (95:39)

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