Dean Karnazes

Extreme endurance runner - 50 marathons / 50 days - 350 miles non-stop - Named one of time magazine's most influential people

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The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to welcome one of the greatest endurance athlete’s in history, Dean Karnazes, to the show. Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford convince Dean to tell his greatest Never Quit story and what drives a man to run 350 miles straight over 3 days without sleep. Dean explains his radical overnight transformation from a marketing exec to becoming one the greatest endurance runners on the planet.

Dean Karneazes has literally traveled thousands of miles in his quest to discover his purpose through ultra marathoning. Dean gets into the weeds of his journey and outlines how you can begin to discover your “never quit” mindset by pushing yourself beyond normal limits. Named one of Time Magazines most influential people and an ESPN ESPY Award winner for greatest outdoor athlete, Dean has also a established himself as a NYT Best selling author and known speaker.

Once again Marcus and Rut bring forth a great influence in Dean and his epic story. The TNQ Podcast achieves it’s mission of exposing great effort and minds to it’s audience in order to help them face adversity and overcome obstacles. Don’t forget to check out Dean’s “how-to” segment in the After Actions Report.

Great Stories Ignite Legends.

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