Dan Crenshaw

Navy SEAL Running for US Congress - Purple Heart recipient - Harvard Kennedy School of Government

How much are you willing to give to your country. What level of service are you capable of? The Team Never Quit Podcast is honored to welcome one of our own, Navy SEAL, Dan Crenshaw joins the team to share his remarkable #NeverQuitStory. Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and #TheWizard are fired up to be joined by this true American patriot. Dan vividly describes the story of losing his eye in combat and how it’s reshaped his sense of servitude. Don’t miss this epic show where four SEALs discuss the power of serving their country and why it critical for all of us to never lose sight of the bigger picture. No Frogman ever imagines getting permanently injured much less losing their eye on the battlefield. Dan Crenshaw as taken this devastating injury and turned it into a positive driver towards his next great calling in life. After attending the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Dan has decided to run for US Congress in his native Texas. His mission is to help bring his incredible experience as a Navy SEAL Officer to help his constituents realize the American dream too. Once again the TNQ Podcast has delivered inspiring positive content that will help you learn the #neverquitmindset. Our mission is to provide you, our dedicated loyal listeners, with information that will help you face adversity, overcome obstacles, and live a healthy meaningful life. If you have an epic Never Quit story please write us on our website and become part of Team Never Quit. Great Stories Ignite Legends

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