Bringing Texas To San Diego w/ Former Gov. Rick Perry

Introducing Texas Tidbits & The Funny Story of How Marcus First Met Rick

Today, we bring an unconventional podcast to the Team Never Quit table. We are in San Diego and joining Marcus, Melanie, and Hunter is our favorite Texan, former Governor Rick Perry. Governor Perry brings an incredible knowledge of Texas history, which ties right in to Marcus’ idea of adding a few minutes in each week’s podcast to Texas Tidbits, where we talk about historical info, fun facts, Texas recommendations, food suggestions, Texas etiquette, etc. And who better to kick off Texas Tidbits than the longest serving governor in Texas history. We talk Texas Tidbits, and take a deep dive of the first time Marcus and the Governor met, exactly 17 years ago in San Diego.

In this episode you will hear:
• [Marcus] Longest serving governor in Texas history, then Secretary of Energy. (4:30)
• Agriculture has an inordinate impact on me, as it does on the state of Texas. (12:08)
• The greatest governor in Texas history. Nobody even comes in a close second, in my opinion – Sam Houston. (14:02)
• [Sam Houston] could probably have been elected President of the United States, had he stayed in the race in 1860. And had he won, I don’t think we would’ve had a civil war. (14:24)
• [Sam Houston] brought Texas into the nation. (15:33)
• When he left his house, [Sam Houston’s mother said to him: “And remember, my son, the door of the cottage will be forever open to a courageous man of honor, but it will be closed forever to a coward.” (16:22)
• The second greatest governor, in my opinion – Dolph Briscoe. (18:41)
• He [Dolph Briscoe] helped put into play the Farm to Market Road system, and helped put into place the Screwworm Eradication Program. (19:19)
• Eisenhower put into place the Interstate Highway System. For every 5 miles, you have to have a straight 1mile piece of road. (22:42)
• Governing’s not hard: Don’t overtax, don’t over regulate, don’t over litigate, and have a skilled workforce. (24:52)

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