Bennie Wylie

USC's Director of Football Sports Performance & TV Game Show Winner Shares Insights on Fitness, Family & Coaching Top Ranked Programs

He’s a beast…
In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus dives into the world of football strength and conditioning with none other than Bennie Wylie, a renowned coach, known for his impressive work with athletes. Bennie has helped the likes of Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and a multitude of elite athletes achieve their peak performance and reach their fitness goals.
Bennie got his start in strength and conditioning as a graduate assistant at Sam Houston State, then went to the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Tech Red Raiders, Tennessee, The University of Texas, became Oklahoma’s director of sports performance for football, and currently is the director of football sports performance at USC.

– Bwyliestrong


In this episode you will hear:
• You think you know what the NFL is, and then you get there and realize its not that at all. (9:55)
• [The NFL] is a profession. It’s not a glamour deal. It’s a job. (10:39)
• Most people could not handle it. Even if they have the talent, they couldn’t handle all the other stuff. (11:02)
• I started [working out] when I was 14, and I haven’t stopped, and I’m 47. (12:54)
• The older guys, you have to earn their trust, and earn their respect. (17:13)
• I can’t give my team the best and give my family the rest. (20:40)
• I’m supposed to love my wife the best of anything first. She’s my first. (21:02)
• [Your kids] are gonna be what you put in ‘em. (22:03)
• Learn from every life experience that you have in life. (30:14)
• People think I’m so extroverted and outgoing, and I am so not – I like being by myself. (33:13)
• Anything below the line – below the standard – is unacceptable. (38:00)
• Communication runs the world. (40:34)

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