Aaron Kendle

Retired Navy SEAL & Harvard Business Graduate Reveals His Shocking 'Never Quit' Story (2021)

What do you do when you witness a Chinook helicopter with 31 guys you know get shot out of the sky by an RPG, enter into spiraling depression, fail your team, as well as yourself, and then experience a horrible accident that causes you to lose your hand and forearmIn Aaron Kendle’s case, who refuses to be defined by failures, you pick yourself up, and lean on a never quit mindset to live life to its fullest, and achieve an incredible life.
Aaron is a retired Navy SEAL where he served as a specialized medic, sniper, airborne leader, and jump school instructor. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School, a father, a husband and a Scottsdale Charro. Mr. Kendle is a decorated member of the United States Navy, served as a member of SEAL Team 7, NSWG-1 Training Detachment, and Naval Special Warfare Development over a 15-year career and has dedicated his post-military professional career to helping his fellow brothers in arms transition back into civilian life.
Aaron comments: “My resume may read great — but what they don’t see is all of those fails between the lines. For me, those failures stay between the lines.”

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In this episode you will hear:
• Obstacles and failures aren’t your defining moments. It’s everything that comes after that you grow from.
• Major physical injury doesn’t define you.
• When major things change your life in the physical, figure out ways to do things the best you can.
• Make every day better that the day before.
• You can dwell on how great Plan A would’ve been. But when Plan A fails, you gotta come up with a plan B.
• Never leave a human hand in the freezer of your hotel room, where the cleaning staff can find it.
• After a devastating accident, the prevailing thought should be “I’m alive”.
• Terrible occurrences in your life can actually be used to give others, who are in despair, hope and encouragement.
• Perspective, attitude and determination go a long way in life.
• There’s a lot more to life. You just gotta figure out what it is.
• You don’t get any better that the SEALS mentorship program.
• Everything we accomplish in life is based on failures.
• Pain and suffering unites us all.
• If there’s one thing I think we’re good at is stuffing emotions.
• Watching a Chinook helicopter with 31 guys you know get shot out of the sky with an RPG, is like watching a horrible movie.

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