Mother of Amelie “Lulu”, Navy SEAL Wife

What a compelling, emotional series of events Tiggs has endured. From a four-year-old daughter with a massive brain tumor and multiple surgeries; a husband battling PTSD and falling into the darkest mental places, to having one of her best friends of her lifetime pass away, Tiggs gives a riveting account of how her friends supported her and her family, and how her relationship with God brought healing in the worst of circumstances anyone could ever imagine. In this episode you will hear:
  • Our lives have always been about the people around us.
  • Life seemed too good to be true – then reality set in.
  • I didn’t ask God why because it wasn’t helpful, it wasn’t productive, and I knew  it wasn’t gonna get me anywhere.
  • To use the “I” word seems wrong, because it was the people around me that enabled me to get past it all.
  • The [SEAL] team wives understood me. They came out of the woodwork to be there for me.
  • I called everybody I could. I was frantically looking for help.
  • Team guys can be so narcissistic, selfish and self-absorbed, but they can also be utterly selfless.
  • How many mothers have lost their sons in battle? The would love nothing more than to be holding them.
  • When you go through this kind of stuff, your defense mechanisms are broken down.
  • Amelie’s burial at sea was beautiful. I asked God for a sign and He immediately sent dolphins to surround us.

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