still in the fight

my name is chad or Chadwick i will try to keep this short my story starts from when I was 14 i am going to be 30 in 10/20/18 so at 14 i would work with my dad as a carpenter i thought i could get to finally know who my dad is he is always been there but not really been there he was the type of dad when he got home from work he just went to bed and I got that you know he worked hard for us and was tired from work but working with him did do what i was hoping for it just drove more of a wedge between me and him and drove more hate for him in me he told me at work i am not your dad and if i kept talking to one of my buddies on the job that I was going to have to walk home we were about a hundred miles away from home that is how he was. i had all ways wanted to be a usmc but i got I got kicked out of high school at 15 i kept trying to get into the Marines but I was never any good with school when having dyslexia and other learning disabilitiesand I was never going to be able to get the 12 college credits to get my GED to a high-school diploma so I did the one thing I knew how to do I went back to work in construction with my dad it was the only thing I could think of to earn a living as a high-school dropoutso I worked non-union from 15 to 18 and then joined the Carpenters Union which ended up being like a military boot camp for 4 years for the 4 years i got 2 hours of sleep a night cuz i was in a bad relationship with my then-girlfriend and l was fighting professionally i had no time thought I was doing everything I could to better my life but little did I know I was ripping my body apart would go to work with broken bones and never go to the doctor while cuz they didn’t ever do anything anyway and again my dad never cut me any slack one time I had a broken ankle from fighting and I had to climb a hundred foot Scaffolding all day and my dad was at the at the bottom yelling every profanity he could think of saying why the f*** aren’t you getting up there as fast as you can slow piece of s*** good times fast forward to 2008 when the market crashed and me and my dad out of work we were right at the point of being homeless one of the hardest times in our lives but I always found a way to push through and find something and within this time in 2008 somehow me and my dad finally got to be best friends I just stop being so angry at everything that happened with me and him all the fist fights all the in times he said he was going to kick my ass as a kid scaring the hell out of me I put it all behind me so i could have a dad so at this time after fixing one big thing in my life I moved on to being a union ironworker in 2013 I loved this job it was the only job I ever had that when I got up in the morning I couldn’t wait to get to work and do what I love doing being cowboy in the sky I was proud to be a union ironworker from local 433 I had gotten used to cheating death on job sites and Bing a ironworker was no different but one day in 2016 I fell in An Elevator Shaft not as bad as you think but still ended up getting hurt and I did the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life I didn’t report it I was what the guys at work would call and Company guy was trying to be a company man cuz I wanted to stay on with this company I end up getting plantar fasciitis in my foot and I was having a hard time with my back so when I had a hard time moving around my boss laid me off so when I was laid off I went to help my ex out cuz I had some time off so I figured why not in that time I got into a bad car wreck with her on the freeway totaled my car and made another giant mistake no insurance thought I did but did so with the car accident and falling in the hole at work my life has become a living hell one thing I forgot to mention I have something called fibromyalgia so for a while now I have been in a bad place because of my state not able to do what I used to do and not able to get to a job without a car put me in a bad depression and then this time found out that I lost my grandparents I am still trying to make things work even though things don’t want to go my way I know to make things work you have to make them happen fot you and i want you guys to know that the only thing that keeps me going is knowing there are guys tougher than me out there guys like Marcus and Chris Kyle knowing you guys can push past the things that you have been through helps me to get through my Cry-Baby moments especially when I feel like a loser for being at home at 30 but I know the only way to fix that is to stop crying about my problems and man the f****** and never quit fightingthe good fight thank you Marcus and rutt for you vidos and doing what did for all of us in the usa I hope this wasn’t a bad story and I hope it wasn’t too long again thank you guys

Author: chad