Stacy strong

Kenton Stacy is a highly decorated Chief in the US Navy. He posses two bronze stars and a purple heart. Kenton is a Explosive Ordnance Disposal Master Technician who served in OIF, OEF, and OIR on four combat deployments. In 2010 Kenton was awarded the USO Sailor of the year in Washington DC. Kenton was addressed in President Trumps 2018 State of the Union.
Towards the end of Kenton’s fourth combat deployment on November 9, 2017 he was struct by an IED. To no fault of his own while clearing a vital hospital in Raqqa the IED detonated and forever changed our lives. Kenton who is a father to four young children; one who has cerebral palsy was fighting for his life. After being opened up and having his heart manually manipulated for over 20 minutes Kenton was revived. Kenton died four times and survived the unimaginable. Kenton lost six inches of his trachea and lost 42 pints of blood. The IED penetrated through his neck and out his spine leaving him a quadriplegic. He has no movement from the neck down. The shrapnel has left Kenton blind in his left eye. Kenton’s voice box and vocal cords were damaged so much he is unable to produce a voice and relies on his wife to read his lips. He has a mild TBI and gets frequent migraines. Kenton cognitively is all there and can remember everything prior to the blast going off. This last year has been the hardest year of our families life, especially Kenton’s. He is the strongest man I know. He is a fighter and still manages to smile from day to day.
We have so much hope and we will be waiting for the day that God reveals his miracle to Kenton. It is not an if to us but a when will God show us.

Author: Kenton