My Lies.

This is harder to right than I realize. Last month, one of my best friends past away. He was 27 and left 2 little girls a wife and missed meeting his son’s birth by 2 days. That was very hard on everyone because he was deeply loved. I temporarily took over running his company tell his wife was ready to step into his shoes after only 3 weeks. She Never Quits.

Then a few days ago my girlfriend of 4 years left me. I lied to her and it was my fault I have lied before to her in the past and always was caught. I lied because I was terrified of telling her the truth and hurting her when all I did was hurt her more… the woman I love I hurt. I tried to say sorry but started to lie. My father and brother have always been the best men I know. I opened up after and talked to them and was completely honest with them. I don’t know where this started… when I decided to lie and not be honest. I’m a Marine and have always been very proud of that each night before bed in boot camp we would scream out Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I don’t know when I lost that but I have reached out to seek help and go to counseling.

I have not been honorable or courageous or committed except to work but I know I haven’t been a good man the last year. But I am a good man and with help I’ll gain my Honor back, be courageous again, and commit to the things I care about once more. I’m 33 and have been to the shittiest places you could deploy but my on home scares me the most and I cant even trust myself. I guess in closing I’ll say I’ve listened to every episode you guys have had and I know I wont quit. I cant quit. I have to find myself again and you guys and your guests have been very helpful. Thank You. Semper Fidelis.

P.S. My brother John is a squid also had a great career and did very well in the Navy and turned me on to this show.

Author: Scott