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A plan that was not really planned

I want to thank you gentlemen for always being able to direct my mindset in different directions and take me places I thought I couldn’t …(Read More)

The Gift of Epilepsy

Hey Brothers, First of all I want to say thank you for all that you do for the TNQ community. I stumbled across your podcast …(Read More)

Olympic Dreams

I want to share my story, it might be long, and very typical of many athletes who have struggled in their younger years and then …(Read More)

It’s Happening Now

Hey guys. Listening to Nick #3’s episode as I type this, it’s true that a lot of us end up in creative endeavors. I was a Medic in the Army, continued into the civilian side and wound up as a nurse. I’ve worked in nearly every aspect of healthcare, from the ambulance to the ICU to long term rehab and hospice. I burned out, I just don’t have anything left to give. I followed another passion and sold my favorite motorcycle to start a photography business.

It sounds like a dream. Chasing critters all over Yellowstone. I’m hitting a wall right now, I spent my last dime on product for a show last week. It was the wrong market and I totally tanked. I just went to the grocery store, grabbed some noodles and my card declined. Talk about embarrassing. I don’t know what comes next, but I know that I’m either going to fall flat on my face or somehow pull it off. Either way, I’m bringing the never quit mindset to it. I’m either going to win or die. In the meantime, you can do some of your best work when you’re hungry (unfortunately this time it’s literal).

The photo I’m attaching to this has some special meaning to me. I was tracking some wolves and witnessed a fight between two packs. This wolf was hit hard, and his pack left him for dead. He wound up settling down right in front of me, on the edge of death. We spent that first day together, I returned in the morning, expecting a carcass. The scavengers heard the news, and were pressing their luck trying to eat him. He got up and reminded the world that he’s not dead yet.


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