Taking A Leap Of Faith

Hello TNQ,
I want to say thank you to everyone who runs and operates this show. I was turned onto your show about 6 months ago by a friend and have been an avid listener ever since. 2017 has been the toughest year in my life so far, but I thank God that he has given me this challenge because it has made my wife and I stronger people to our core. My wife and got married in march of this year and uprooted our lives and move from California to Texas in April of this year. My wife and I decided to move to Texas in November of 2016 and at the time we did not have a job lined up for either of us and we had no idea where we were going to live, but we knew we had to move to start a family and get ahead in our lives. We put our faith in God and boy did he deliver! My wife found a job a week before we moved. I was able to find work 2 weeks after we moved, the pay was not a lot and we struggled for a few months just to make ends meat. My wife and I powered through this chapter in our lives and we have come out to the other side. I found a Job in my field at a company that I feel at home with and I enjoy going to work every day. God really does work in mysterious ways and all we had to do was let him take the reigns and guide our lives. I want to thank TNQ. because listening to everyones greatest never quits in their lives made me charge on and keep pounding the pavement and keep my head up while we went through the stress of marriage, moving, and finding work.

Thank you TNQ, you have a listener for life!

Dillon Wybert

Author: Dillon