Combat To College

My never quit story isn’t on the battlefield, although I’ve spent time there but instead on college campuses. When I got out of the Army I wanted to be a teacher, to change lives and return eventually to the Middle East to teach. While in school I worked for the VA, helping fellow student veterans. So many veterans struggle in college, especially that first year and their plan of action when getting out of the military determines if they live out their dreams or their nightmares. I firmly believe if we got more veterans to first enroll in college and secondly, graduate then every negative metric we associate with veterans will decline.

This led to a passionate approach to never quit helping veterans achieve higher education and reach their potential. Veterans have the tools to succeed in college because of the characteristics the military ingrained in them, I know because I used them and now I’m an infantryman on my way to Harvard to Graduate school. Another never quit story when I told people my dream of going to Harvard and they laughed at me. I wrote a book, called Combat To College to help veterans navigate the modern college classroom and I’m going to continue believing in the power, intelligence and potential of America’s warfighters. I’m going to continue to stay motivated by listening to the Never Quit podcast.

Author: John