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He Shoots… He Scores!

The very first thing I want to say is, THANK YOU! Team Never Quit & Froglogic have carried me through hell, and enabled me to …(Read More)

The Strength of a Sailor

Hello Gentlemen I’ve written into your show before and it was titled “ man of the House “, And I couldn’t help but want to …(Read More)


Gentlemen, might I say it is an honor to have discovered this podcast. I would like to thank all of you for the incredible things …(Read More)


My story starts in my childhood, but that remains private. On 12/20/1996 I got the call that my Son had committed suicide. 8 days later my Dad passed away. On 03/23/1997 I got the call that my daughter had killed herself. Then if that wasn’t enough on10/23/1997. I got a call that my first wife went to our kids grave site got herself drunk and shot herself. On 11/18/2016 one of my best friends killed himself. I thank you team never quit for a platform for people to share their stories. And in doing so maybe help others. There is always more to the story. God bless.


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