Steve Ross – Holocaust Survivor

Hey guys, I can’t tell you enough how amazing the podcast is and how effective the messages you send are in everyday life! Thank you for listening to God’s call on your lives, you make a great team!
This story is one that I have been waiting to send you until we got a couple of things finished but we are closing up the details now. It’s not my story of success but one that you need to share because it is definitely the ultimate of all time never quit stories. I’ve included the links to a few of the articles written on this amazing man so you can get a solid understanding of just who he is. The documentary on him comes out soon as well his book will be published next spring.
His name is Steve Ross and he is a survivor of the Holocaust. Not only did he survive but he came back with mission and succeeded at life more than anyone could believe! The founder of the New England Holocaust Memorial he dedicated his life to help inner city kids in Boston rise up from their depths of life’s struggles! He is still residing in Boston, cannot speak the way he used to but has impacted more people than I could have ever imagined!!
I hope you enjoy the story and that it continues to motivate and inspire you!
Thanks again for everything you do!!!


Author: Brenda