Current Mission: David “Bo” Ramsey

Have Faith and please remember Bo in your prayers!


Team Never Quit Foundation is passionate about helping Veterans, their support system and families of the fallen. We believe that collective team work, we can come together and help those in need.

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Passionate about helping Veterans, their support system and families of the fallen.

Current Mission: David “Bo” Ramsey

Husband, Father, GrandPa, Brother, United States Army Vet, Motorcycle Enthusiast and more.

On May 30, 2018, Bo attended bike night. He was only a mile and a half from returning home when struck on his motorcycle by a driver who failed to stop at a light. The driver turned in front of him and the two collided. He hit the car and was thrown into the air and landed around 100 feet from his motorcycle.

The injuries he sustained:

1.pelvis-an open book break.
2.mid foot fracture-right foot.
3.right elbow-broken and completely disrupted.
4. Fractured ribs.
5. Spinal cord injury-impingement that has left him with no feeling from the lower chest down.

He has no brain or neck injury and has use of both arms and hands. He received five surgery’s in four days. He has started rehab and does the best he can. The pain is difficult but he pushes through it, but at times his blood pressure plummets very low and rehab sometimes has to stop for a while. This is a day to day process with never knowing what tomorrow will bring. Bo is a very caring and loving husband, dad, grandpa, son, brother, and uncle.

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