Kristofor Healey

15 years in federal law enforcement (with both ICE and DHS OIG) as a Top-Secret clearance holder directing large scale, multi-defendant fraud and public corruption investigations and high-risk tactical operations, domestically and overseas


Conroe, TX, US


Kristofor Healey spent more than 15 years in federal law enforcement (with both ICE and DHS OIG) as a Top-Secret clearance holder directing large scale, multi-defendant fraud and public corruption investigations and high-risk tactical operations, domestically and overseas. In addition to spending a decade on the border fighting cartel crime and corruption, his job brought him around the globe, spanning close to 20 countries. In his career, he investigated and arrested hundreds of dangerous criminals, returned thousands of MS-13 gang members to Central America, extradited a criminal kingpin from Singapore, rescued a kidnapped child from a violent felon, got detained in Venezuela, helped put dozens of dirty cops -including the Hidalgo County Sheriff – behind bars and blew the whistle on corruption in his own office, which ended in his own Special Agent in Charge going to federal prison.

During his career, he worked with, or led, numerous task forces to include the Border Corruption Task Force, the Transnational Elder Fraud Strike Force, the White Sands HIDTA Task Force, as well as taking a leading role in creating his agency’s Major Fraud and Corruption Unit. For the last nine years of his career, he led a multi-agency investigation that resulted in the indictment of 56 persons and five entities in a $300 million dollar money laundering and wire fraud conspiracy – the largest tele-fraud case in U.S. history – with 25 subjects sentenced to a cumulative 211 years in prison for their roles in the scam to date.

Kristofor’s investigative work was honored with the Inspector General’s Distinguished Service Award, two Inspector General Honor Awards, the FinCEN Director’s Award for Major Fraud Investigations, two FLEOA National Awards for Investigative Excellence, two United States Attorney’s Awards, the Assistant Attorney General’s Exceptional Service Award and the CIGIE Gaston L. Gianni, Jr. Better Government Award.

In 2021, the Department of Justice entered into an agreement with Campside Media and Sony Entertainment to produce a serial podcast documenting his team’s successful investigation and prosecution of India based government impersonation scammers which culminated in the arrest and first ever extradition of a felon from Singapore under the authority of the United Nations Treaty against Organized Crime . The podcast, Chameleon: Scam Likely was released on August 1, 2022, and was a top-ten most downloaded podcast in the world during its two-month run.

During Kristofor’s time in the Rio Grande Valley, he also became involved in the fledgling endurance racing scene, eventually becoming a marathon runner, ultra-runner, multisport athlete, trainer and USATF and ITCA certified coach. During his racing career he finished dozens of marathons and ultramarathons, six Ironman triathlons and qualified for the USAT Age Group National Championship four times. The running and triathlon team he co-founded with my wife Lacy – Team Healey Multisport – became a national powerhouse, finishing on the podium in multiple club competitions at the full and half Ironman distance. Together they coached more than a thousand runners and triathletes across finish lines around the world. Their business later evolved from endurance sports coaching to personal training, nutrition coaching and fitness business consulting, and they now own a portfolio of successful businesses in the health and fitness space that they operate together

In 2017, he became a father for the first time when Lacy and he adopted their youngest daughter, Meili, from China. They adopted their oldest daughter, Lienna, from China in 2019. Both of their children have special needs. One has a rare chromosome deletion syndrome that renders her non-verbal and she has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. The other was born with Cerebral Palsy and is non-ambulatory. She has recently undergone the first of two major surgeries that they are hopeful will lead to her eventually being able to walk. The international adoption process and his role as a special needs father have been deeply impactful to his life and faith. It has taught him more about love, patience, and devotion than anything in his life, and he loves to share the story of their adoption journey and the incredible fortitude and resilience that their daughters show daily.


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