Zachary Bell AKA Veteran With A Sign

Husband, Father, and Marine Corps Veteran

Sharpie + Cardboard = Pearls of Wisdom.
This week’s Team Never Quit guest, Zachary Bell, is known as the “Veteran With A Sign”.
A former Marine Infantryman, Zachary uses common language related to his experiences in the military on his signs in an effort to bring people together via communication. He has a “Let’s talk about it” mentality.
He has become known as a meme philosopher – from light to pointed – with many layers in-between. His signs are photographed and disseminated globally via Instagram, the internet and his analog tools consist of a sharpie and cardboard.

In this episode you will hear:

• I always had this fear of living a life of regret, and it’s driven me to do everything I’ve done, right, wrong, or indifferent.
• Comments on the internet are first draft thoughts – people just throw them out there.
• I think that true love is finding the one person who always makes you wanna be the best version of yourself.
• I asked my girl to marry me. She said yes, and five seconds later we found out she was pregnant with our first child.
• I was invincible until the moment my daughter was born.
• They told us we going to Iraq for 90 days. “We’re gonna be in the green zone, you’ll have wifi, you’ll have fast food, you’ll live like a Navy SEAL.
• When my 2nd daughter was born, I knew my military career was over.
• My daughters changed my capacity for love. They’ve made me a better person.
• It’s a really bad pitch to say “Hey, we’re gonna get married, I’ll be around sometimes, and then you’ll be pregnant, and then I’ll be gone, hopefully I’ll be back.”
• I’ve always found the best version of myself in service to others.
• Everything I’ve done in my life has been trying to help people.
• Community is one of the most important things we have.
• Markus Luttrell is a cultural icon.
• Everyone outside of the military think the military is like a high school and like we all meet up in the cafeteria. It would be cool if it was like that.
• Wearing gators doesn’t make you a SEAL, but writing a book does.
• If you’ve been kissed by violence, you can see it on other people.
• I want to be the bridge between the military and the civilian world.

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