Youngster with Drive

My story isn’t actually my story. It is my son’s story of spending 3 years reaching for a goal.

My son, Garrett is very interested in sports, football, wrestling and baseball. He is a natural when it comes to football, big for his age, strong as they come and can catch like his favorite player Rob Gronkowski. Wrestling has been a struggle because of his size he typically wrestles up age groups to get similar weights.

For the last 4 years, Garrett has played baseball for the city recreation center, which is just a basic league. This is open to everyone with no tryouts and teams are randomly assigned. He has done well but not well enough to get on the “traveling” teams in town. These “traveling” teams in our area are typically kids with the right family name or players that are extraordinary. Garrett has attended a camp put on by multiple coaches of the traveling teams for the last two years. At the end of camp last year one of those coaches called my wife to let us know he has his eye on Garrett for his work ethic.

The other day it was my turn to take Garrett to his camp. I had to pick him up at wrestling practice and drive him sweaty and all across town to baseball camp. After that night of camp, another coach called to get Garrett on his team before anyone else could snag him up. We have spent the last couple of nights reminding Garrett he did this with his work ethic and never-quit attitude. While my wife and I believe he has accomplished something to be proud of, pretty good for an 11-year-old, he is also a constant leader showing his younger sister how to keep working hard. The attached picture is him after his first tackle football game.

Author: Dan