You Took One Step, You Can Take Another.


Shaq from Australia!
Now, my story isn’t one for the local paper or news network, however; the fundamentals of what I did subconsciously is adaptive to the Never Quit mindset. I was a mechanic, a dirty old greasy mechanic, however; I had a mindset not like any of the other apprentices. I was chasing financial freedom, not to work as a mechanic for the rest of my life. So I went an ask the CEO of the business “how did you afford that BMW?” he simply replied “Not by being a mechanic, come back at smoko (first break) and I’ll talk to you”.

So I did, I went in and he sat me down and asked me why I asked him that question so randomly. I told him I want to have financial freedom and nicer things to my name. His reply was blunt but powerful, “Stop being a mechanic and find out what you can do whilst wearing a suit”. So I did, I found Sales and Business Development but it was a complete backflip to what I was used to. Being a Salesman and Business Developer was something I heard a friend of a friend doing…Not anyone around me, so I was unsure of what even the hell these jobs would entail, however; I googled Sales Training Gold Coast, went and took training lessons 4 weeks straight whilst still working full time.

I went and had 28 interviews of which I was successful for 25 of them. I chose to be a car broker due to my mechanical history. The first 1-2 years I almost gave up every single day. I hated it, I sucked, I was the worst one in the company at this job. I barely had the confidence to make another cold call!! BUT, it was a Thursday afternoon, 2pm and I found the Team Never Quit Podcast….I was ALWAYS interested in the SEALS and SF in general and when I heard the story of Dom Raso I stood up, threw my smoke on the ground, marched in to my desk, grabbed my headset and phone with my leads to call and THAT exact afternoon I closed 2 sales.

Following day 3, the day after that 3 again and before I could even notice what was going on……I was at the top, sitting above all 113 salesman some who have been there for decades. Now when I look back, I realised that I NEVER gave up, EVER.

Did I want to? Yep 100% every day.
Did I do the absolute best I could every day? YES I did, I kept trying and trying and now I am happy to say I have created a life for me and my family that I thought could only be a dream at the age of 24….

Thanks to you guys and your mantra I kept pushing and I will ALWAYS keep pushing until someone kills me. Thank you for changing my life!

– Your Aussie Brother!

Author: Shaq