Frogmen Changed My Perspective on Life

You hard-chargers have helped me see a way out of the darkness. I was infantry with the 3rd Battalion 4th Marine Regiment from 2002-2006. We were the “tip of the spear” on the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003. We were the first Marine Corps line unit to reach Baghdad (I think at least). After that rough and tumble deployment, we deployed again to conduct counter-insurgency operations in the Al Anbar Province and were tasked to participate in the first battle of Fallujah in 2004.

We deployed again in 2005 for the tail end of the second battle of Fallujah and conducted raids and counter-insurgency operations in Ramadi and all around the Sunni Triangle. I EAS’d in 2006 with an Honorable Discharge. I married my wife in 2003 after my first deployment and am still married today. I currently have a great job that brings home $200K+ a year, and a wonderful son and wife…but in reality, I am barely hanging on. At times I want nothing more that to suck-start my .45 Auto and be done. I’ve lost so many brothers in combat and too many after we got stateside.

I stumbled across your podcast a few days ago and I’ve been hooked. Listening to Kyle Carpenter and that Greek MARSOC guy changed my life brothers. I absolutely have get my mind and body in check. I need to hit the gym and start finding a hobby that brings me happiness. This is me “never quitting”.

Semper Fi my brothers and God bless.

Author: Kyle