Willie Robertson

'Duck Dynasty' most successful reality TV show ever - Duck Commander CEO - Loyalty, faith and commitment to family

There’s nothing better than when Mr. Never Quit himself, Marcus Luttrell welcomes one of his closest friends to the Team Never Quit Podcast. Marcus and David are so blessed to welcome one of the stars from the biggest reality TV show in history, Duck Dynasty’s very own Willie Robertson. Tune in as Willie shares his greatest Never Quit story. We promise you’ll be inspired as he shares not only his hardships, but also what it took to become incredibly successful in life and business.

The Duck Commander’s CEO, Willie Robertson inspires the TNQ listeners with his amazing stories of how he and his family became some the of the most recognizable people in the world by being themselves, following their passion, staying loyal to each other, and not swaying one inch from their faith in God. Marcus connects with his close friend in a way that will leave you searching for a higher calling in life. 

Never forget that it’s Marcus and David’s mission to help you discover the Never Quit mindset inside you. By bringing amazing guests like Willie on the show to share his faith and focus, you too can learn the powerful lessons of facing adversity and overcoming challenging obstacles. People share many of life’s threads in common, and the TNQ Podcast helps weave us all together. And don’t forget to catch Willie in the After Actions Report as he shares the how-to’s of living life to its fullest.

If you feel compelled, we would love to have you submit your own greatest Never Quit story to the show. If you don’t have one of your own, then tell us one from someone amazing you know. Marcus and David plan on picking out many of the submissions to read on air.

Great Stories Ignite Legends

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