Victor Marx

President of All Things Possible, High-Risk Humanitarian, The World’s Fastest Gun Disarmer

In this week’s episode, we bring you Victor Marx, a former marine and a hero of victims of war and abuse around the world – a “high risk” humanitarian. What a remarkable life of service, help, encouragement, and literal rescue – restoring those affected by trauma.

Even after experiencing a severely abusive and torturous childhood, and living a lifestyle filled with drugs, fights, and theft, the discipline of military life and faith in God helped him recover from his traumatic childhood and now empowers him to help others.

Victor’s organization – All Things Possible – has helped thousands of unintended victims of physical violence and intense trauma. Women, children, and members of our military find hope, healing and the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In this episode you will hear:

  • God can redeem the worst that evil has done to you.
  • Be victorious – not a victim.
  • You can be ordinary and still be able to do extraordinary things in your life.
  • Get better, not bitter.
  • Some people stay in a victim mentality their whole life, and lose hope, direction, and never excel to the point they were made to be.
  • When you believe a lie long enough, it becomes your own truth.
  • When one is negative, it can tear a person down, destroy relationships, and never allow a person to excel and to be who we were made to be
  • Never give up. Don’t quit. Your story’s not done yet.
  • Without hope, people give up.
  • Crazy thoughts don’t make you crazy,
  • If you’re driven by your past, it will backfire on you.
  • When times are dark, God can redeem the worst, if you just don’t give up.
  • We have responsibility with the story we’ve been given, and to share it to help other people.
  • One of the best weapons in life is forgiveness.
  • Forgiveness is giving up our right to hurt someone back for hurting us.
  • Forgiving someone isn’t based on whether they like you or accept your forgiveness.
  • If part of your heart is hard, you can’t give love, or receive love because you’ve limited your capacity.
  • Unforgiveness turns into bitterness, and bitterness will ruin and control your life.

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