Treating Mental Health w/ Psychedelics

Trevor Millar & Marcus Luttrell Discuss The Benefits of This Powerful Medicine

In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus welcomes his guest, Trevor Millar, who has a unique, proven addiction-treating specialty. Trevor details the anti-additive properties of Ibogaine, a powerful African psychedelic with a high success rate for treating heroin and opiate addiction, Parkinson’s disease, and other psychological processes and neurological disorders. Trevor discusses significant acceptance of Ibogaine in Canada, which could result in the legitimization of this medicine, and other psychedelic medicines globally.

In this episode you will hear:
• [I had an] un-traumatic childhood. Kudos to my parents. (13:48)
• I never have to worry about what I’m going to do in life because I could always fall back to waiting tables and love it. (21:50)
• The first time I ever consumed LSD I was 14 years old. (39:26)
• This is what adults have forgotten that has made the world so screwed up. (42:26)
• The first person I ever gave Ibogaine to was a 72 year old man who wanted to quit smoking. (47:00)
• Getting addicted to opiates is not like getting addicted to other substances. A lot of other substances, it’s a psychological addiction. With opiates, it’s actually a physical addiction. (50:26)
• The only true cause of death is birth. (53:53)
• [Ibogaine] has this amazing quality of “reset”. (63:47)
• As we live life, were seeing life through a plane of glass. Like a filter. As our hearts get broken, as we suffer traumas, that glass gets dirty. And it gets so dirty, we don’t even recognize that it’s dirty anymore. And what these psychedelic substances seem to be able to do is clean that glass from the inside out. (65:23)
• Ibogaine has the potential to keep working on you and with you. (70:26)
• There will be a prescription within 2-4 years within the states. (85:32)
• It’s something that it does that enables you to say “Life is awesome. My purpose is everywhere. I can just be happy for no reason again.” (92:58)
• It brings out the best in people. (98:32)

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