Travis Pastrana

Professional Motorsports Competitor & X Games Gold Medalist

Today in the studio, The Wizard and Marcus are talking to professional motorsports competitor and X Game gold medalist, Travis Pastrana. Travis has made a career out of putting people in a state of wonder by doing some of the craziest stunts of all time. He has a profound ability to overcome the fear and anxiety that comes with attempting these very dangerous tricks. What makes people like this so different from the rest of society? What is going through their heads that makes them want to do the unthinkable? That’s exactly what the guys hope to find out in this interview with one of the greatest extreme sports athletes of all time. Stay tuned for one hell of an interview! In this episode, we talk about…
  • Chemical differences in people that participate in extreme sports
  • Travis’s bio and accomplishments
  • What guiding principle that truly motivates Travis
  • Having the ability to pick yourself up in pursuit of something more
  • The worst and best kinds of injuries to experience
  • Some of Travis’s greatest never quit moments
  • Experiencing the pain in order to achieve the gain
  • Travis’s roots and where he gets his never quit mindset
  • Knowing that you are going to get hurt but attempting a feat anyway
  • Possessing the mental control to react when things go wrong
  • Who Travis Pastrana won’t emulate because it’s too dangerous
  • Why these people like being scared
  • Finding that thing that you love to wake up to
  • Importance of having a great support system
  • Enjoying every moment through the highs and the lows
  • A fan’s never quit story about getting back on his feet after a life collapse
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