Thriving with a Disease, not Merely Surviving

I actually work for Mattress Mack in his racehorse business. Few know that he believes in 100% drug free training and his champion Runhappy was the first drug free Eclipse Champion Racehorse (Sprinter) in 25 years. Yes, drug use is legal in the Sport of Kings. Runhappy is retired and now resides in the former stall of the great Secretariat here in Kentucky.

On another note; my wife is named Rose Pressey and she suffers from extreme psoriatic arthritis. She has had 2 knee replacements, and needs 2 hips next. She’s been confined to crutches and a wheelchair since her early 30’s and is now just 45 years old.

However, during the past 10 years she has become a USA Today Bestselling Author – after receiving 500 rejections from publishing experts over a 4 year window. She simply became a publisher herself, as well as a writer, and wrote 40 mystery novels – selling well over 500,000 copies. Her hands are severely deformed form the disease, but she has worn out 5 laptops in publishing 2.5 million words!

‘Never quit’ are words she has lived by for a very long time, and I’m so proud to be her husband. Some of us are dealt some pretty shitty hands in life, but it’s how you play those cards that determines your fate.

Author: Bill