The Sound of Success

Hey guys, I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now and can’t thank you enough for the motivation. When I was eight years old I was told that I had lost fifty percent of my hearing in both ears.

My dream in life was to be a Navy SEAL. Due to the hearing loss I was told I would never be able to accomplish anything of that nature. Through my High school years this was devastating to me because I knew I was called to be a warrior.

When I reached the age of seventeen , I was approached by a State Trooper who asked me to join their department when I reached the age of twenty-one. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and wondering what could have been, I embraced my situation and ran full speed after my dream.

Today I have the privilege of serving the State of Texas as a Full-Time Highway Patrol Trooper. No matter what, never quit and keep moving forward!

Author: Alan