The Legacy of Billy Shelton

Training The Luttrell Brothers & Friends, Untold Stories From High School & The Importance of Having Supportive Friends

In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus gathers up with the legendary Billy “Soupbone” Shelton, of Willis, Texas, an Army Special Forces veteran who, for over 3 decades, has been providing intense physical and mental training for young men, producing Navy SEALS, Army Rangers and other military Special Forces soldiers. Soupbone’s approach is brutal, physically challenging and very successful.  He prepares fighting men for the harsh realities of combat.

One of Soupbone’s gems is this podcasts host, Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL awarded the Navy Cross and author of the bestselling book, “Lone Survivor”.

Billy Shelton does it because He wants to see his “sons” come home alive.

(Also joining Marcus and Billy are Morgan Luttrell, Tommy & David Thornberry, who trained with Billy Shelton.)

In this episode you will hear:
• Melanie: In the 13 years that we’ve been together we get asked more about you than anybody else. (5:21)
• Billy: When I’d pull up and go in the front door [of the gym] they’d run out the back door. (13:07)
• Tommy: The new guy’s rite of passage was that they had a harder workout because he [Billy] wanted to put the screws to ‘em to make sure they got it. (25:54)
• Tommy: It’s not that we were born that way, it’s that we were made that way. (29:31)
• Tommy: Billy looked out his window and this kid [after his workout] was hunched over in his car. Billy asked, “Are you ok?” The kid answered: I feel great. I just can’t lift my arms to drive. (31:02)
• Morgan: No matter what shape you were in when you showed up, you’d eventually get us there.
• Marcus: You didn’t wanna bring anybody, but if you did, you knew they were gonna get it. (32:55)
• Morgan: If one of your buddies came down and they were struggling, it always put you in a position that you had to help them. (33:08)
• Morgan: Like in the military, if there’s a weak link, you were forced to get down there and get ‘em. (33:18)
• Marcus: To anyone who’s never seen a human being catapult over a wheelbarrow [full of rocks] while running… (40:58]
• Billy: I don’t look at em like a Marine or Navy SEAL or a hunter, they’re my kids. I love ‘em. (44:50)
• Melanie: No matter what you put Marcus or anyone through, they just wouldn’t quit. (53:09)
• Billy: You CANNOT quit. (53:14)
• Tommy: If there’s something wrong, you know it. There’s help out there for you. (65:27)
• Tommy: I walked in there and there was 8 people. I said “what’s the party for?” They said “sir, we’d like you to have a seat.” I’m like “why? Did you guys find a tumor or something? And they’re like “Oooh” (66:14)
• Tommy: Iron therapy is the way I get through stuff. (67:30)
• Tommy: One of the docs that was part of the surgical team had Covid, with my skull open. (68:55)
• Tommy: We don’t stop – ever. (70:32)
• Tommy: Time to get back in the fight. (72:57)

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