Tanner Godfrey

Paralyzed to walking again - Nitro Circus extreme athlete – UTV World Record Holder

Setting a world record for jumping a UTV 202 feet would be pretty awesome itself. However, when the man who sets the record was paralyzed just a few years before from a tragic motocross accident, then it becomes totally inspiring. The Team Never Quit Podcast is stoked to welcome Tanner Godfrey to this week’s epic show. Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard get fired up when Tanner tells his greatest #NeverQuitStory and how he’s taken his injury and become a shining beacon of hope for all injured athletes. According to some reputed attorneys for car accident injuries, Tanner’s story of overcoming obstacles to become a paraplegic extreme athlete is nothing short of miraculous.
Tanner’s whole life revolved around becoming a world-class motocross champion. His family, the Godfrey Clan is one of the most influential groups in the motocross world. Having been a part of the Nitro Circus family, Tanner understands the dangers of extreme motocross. Even after his injury in 2007, Tanner couldn’t stay away from riding dirt bikes and UTVs. In 2015 Tanner set a world record as he jumped his RZR 202 feet. Perhaps most amazing of all, through his meticulous commitment to rehabilitation, today he has regained enough use of his legs to walk assisted by canes. Tanner’s story left Marcus, Rut, and The Wizard in total amazement as to the strength and determination this young man possesses.
Once again The TNQ Podcast Team has found another guest who’s story defines the #NeverQuitmindset. It’s our mission to help you to discover the tools so you too can overcome your physical, mental or spiritual injuries and set new records in your life. If you have an inspiring Never Quit story please write in and share with the community, perhaps the guys will read your story on the air. Thank you for your support and never stop soaring.
Great Stories Ignite Legends.

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