Combat To College

My never quit story isn’t on the battlefield, although I’ve spent time there but instead on college campuses. When I got out of the Army I wanted to be a teacher, to change lives and return eventually to the Middle East to teach. While in school I worked for the VA, helping fellow student veterans. […]

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I am a psychologist, author, podcast host and homicide survivor. But, to back up…. My husband of 10 years went missing in July of 1985. A week later I was called into the Homicide Division of the DPD and told he’d been dismembered and found in a shallow grave in bog. They asked me to

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Persistence & Change

Hearing and reading so many of these other stories, I know mine is nothing compared to them. However, I know somewhere, there is probably someone else going through a similar struggle. Between my freshman and sophmore year of high school, I was diagnosed with depression after having a history of self injury and suicidal thoughts.

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