Surviving Life and Tragedy

My never quit story with my life only helped prepare me for the tragedy life recently threw at me.

I was born with a pulmonary deficiency in my left lung. Between 6 months and the age of ten of had pneumonia 36 times. That condition led to having my left lung removed at the age of ten. thankfully because of my age I didn’t know that having one lung was supposed to slow me down. I played football for the first time 2 months after my surgery ( which played until I graduated high school).

After graduating, I thought college was the path for me, little did I know I was wrong. I finally found my calling when I was 22 years old. A 20 plus year law enforcement career followed. All of those battles led to helping never quit during this new tragedy.

On February 1st 2021 my life was forever changed by a knock on my door by two state troopers. My step-daughter (daughter), son-in-law ( also a law enforcement officer), and 1-year-old grandson (one day after his first birthday) were killed in a car accident. This battle has been the toughest battle of mine or my wife’s life (she is also a law enforcement officer). This battle is one that will never end for us but we both have woken up every day and battle through each day.

We can never quit honoring their lives and memories. So we will wake up every day and battle through each day with a never quit mindset.

Author: Brad