Superman lives

On 04/27/2018 my dad Joe Harper was out for a late night drive when things went in turn for the worst. His front driver side tire blew causing him to spin out and hit a power pole. My father Joe then realized he had left his phone at home and started to walk for help. On sr 30 around 3 to 5 am my dad was struck walking by a semi or large vechile based on his injury’s, and left for dead. But he has survived incredible odds! He had his pelvis broken in half, they were able to restablize. His elbow broken in 50 pieces, they were able to put it back together the best they could. Back broken in 9 to 10 places, no where near his spinal cord. He does have a TBI but he has been able to recognize everyone in the family and can have conversations with us. We all thought my dad wasn’t going to make it the first week in the icu. But he has showed us all and has even said I’ve got to much to live for. My dad is my families hero and truly is superman showing us all we can go through hell and come out stronger then ever!!

Author: Susie