Steve Callahan

American Author - Naval Architect - Inventor and Sailor Who Survived 76 Days Adrift On The Atlantic Ocean

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Trapped out on the Atlantic for 76 days, no one to speak to, no idea if you’re going to be rescued, destined to be adrift for what seems like all of eternity, what would you do? Steve Callahan did just that and is here to tell you about his story. While on a trip from the Canary Islands to the USA in 1982, his boat was struck and he was forced to abandon ship. During his time at sea, he had to adapt and learn how to survive with what he had on him. His is the ultimate never-quit story, showing incredible determination and will to survive. Since his rescue, he has gone on to write a book about his experience, Adrift: 76 Days Lost At Sea. Steve is an author, a naval architect, an inventor, a sailor, and most importantly, he’s a survivor. In this episode, we talk about…
  • Hope’s ability to override your sense of reality
  • Different innovative revolutions in sailing over the years
  • The mad minute – rapid fire questions
  • Steve’s never-quit story
  • Mental journey during traumatic events for survivors
  • Focusing on the little achievements that add up to the ultimate goal
  • Utilizing the solar stills to make fresh water
  • The sea life that formed around the raft and the role that it played
  • Steve’s physical and mental condition when he was finally found
  • Having that “keep moving forward” approach to things
  • Dealing with the extreme pains of the body and the mind
  • Here’s the worst enemy of survivors
  • What tough experiences can offer you for the rest of your life
  • Steve’s life right now
  • Adjusting to life after your challenge
  • Effectively operating and adapting while facing fear
  • A fan’s never-quit story

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