Stephanie – A Thank You From Baby Beckham

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Morgan and Marcus for living the TNQ mindset. I have known them for years and I have to tell you, when I was in the hardest battle of my life, they both stopped what they were doing to encourage us and push us. My son, Beckham, was born very premature. His digestive track did not fully develop so he could eat with his mouth but he could not process the food or break it down to his body for nutrients. We were in the Memorial Hermann NICU for a few weeks, then we were transferred to the NICU of Texas Children’s Hospital in downtown Houston, the Medical Capital of the World. Baby Beckham’s prognosis was not good. Specialist were flown in from all over to save our little boy and it was not looking good. I was stuck in a victim mentality of questioning God why my baby, and just hoping for one more day with him each day. UNTIL, Mojo and Marcus stepped in. A mutual college friend reached out to them and told them what was going on. Marcus shared Adventures of Baby Beckham onto his LSF Facebook page and asked his followers to join in the prayer team for Baby Beckham. Mojo called me, and he literally could not have called at a better time. I was literally giving in and giving up the afternoon he called, I did not think I could handle one more day of fighting for my sons life. Morgan told me “this is a fight and it does not matter the hell you are in you need to game on, square up and FIGHT” He told me basically to not let the doctors dictate my sons future. I took it to heart. I believe God knew I needed to hear those exact harsh words to wake me up. Something came alive on the inside and I REFUSED to accept any of the terms given to us by the medical team. The baby that was told would never make it, is now 3 years old. The baby that would never be able to eat on his own is playing sports and loving life. My son Beckham is the epitome of Never Quit. He is healthy and you would never know the hell he went through for the first entire year of his life. Thank you Mojo and Marcus for helping him! I hope that somehow, Beckham can inspire others. He has been featured in magazines and news reports as a Miracle Baby. I believe God saved my son, and he also gave him the Warrior Mentality.

Author: Stephanie