Sonny Melton Living the Dream Foundation

Heather Melton truly is the ultimate never quit. He and her husband Sonny Melton were living the dream as a newly married couple that loved to go to concerts and events and just spend as much time together as possible. He was an avid outdoors man and a nurse that was loved by all who he come into contact with. Heather is a successful Orthopedic Surgeon and best friend of mine. Sonny Melton was tragically killed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Oct 1, 2017 in the worst mass shooting in American history at the young age of 29. He died saving the life of his wife, Heather. He was shielding her from bullets and she actually felt him get shot and then collapse on her. She decided instead of letting the shooter win, hunkering down in sorry and blocking herself off from the world, Heather decided to make Sonny’s memory and life make a difference. Her goal….people remember the name Sonny Melton and not the name of the monster that did the shooting. She created the Sonny Melton “Living The Dream” Foundation This foundation is driven by a single goal; to do its part in making the world a better place for all and keep Sonny’s spirit alive. Sonny loved his community and was known for his contagious smile and gentle, kind demeanor. Heather makes it a point that this foundations strives to continue his legacy by trying to improve the lives of those in the community he loved so much, including food banks, those people in need, local schools and safety and so forth. She is a true Never Quit mentality and we all love her so much. Below is a link to the foundation for more information.

Author: Donna