Little Sister, Big Inspiration

Hey guys!! I have been a nurse for nine years. I’ve worked in a long-term care facility, a hospital, and finally found my place as …(Read More)

Battling the dark cloud of PTSD

I would like to start out by saying thank you guys for your service, your military service, and your continued service by inspiring those of …(Read More)

Day to Day

My Never Quit story started when I was a kid and has continued into adulthood encompassing several different events. Growing up, my family experienced a …(Read More)

Moms Death was almost the death of me, TNQ

Hello Team Never Quit!!!!! First off, thank you guys for the TNQ podcast and your service to this amazing country! I just started listening to …(Read More)

Close call

A bit of background to my story, I live in South Africa and at the time of my Never quit story I was living on …(Read More)

He Shoots… He Scores!

Team Never Quit…. I wanted to reach out to you, to thank you for the guidance I was lacking in rebuilding my life. TNQ has …(Read More)

Cancer Can Kiss My Skates

I’ll start in 2014…It started just like any other year…in January (haha). In April, I turned 40. My mother sent me a message on facebook …(Read More)

Walking and Talking

At the ripe old age of 26 I suffered a massive stroke. So bad that the emergency room doctors told my family to prepare for …(Read More)

Fear Factor

I would like to talk about fear and the control its had on my life. I was born and raised in New Mexico on ranches. …(Read More)

Line In The Sand

I’m 62 years old now, married, and have 2 grown children. As of recently, I am an avid listener of the TNQ Podcast. I now …(Read More)

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