Emily – Keep Up The Fight

Dear TNQ podcast team, I’ve never been brave or strong, but I’ve always wanted to be. People have told me that I’m both, but I’m …(Read More)

Larry – Firefighter Pulling Through PTSD

Guys, quick thanks for the podcast. I never thought that PTSD would hit home with me. After 20 plus years as a firefighter/ medic and …(Read More)

Scott – Rescued From Depression By Standup Comedy

Marcus and David, I have to start by saying thank you. Your podcast is an inspiration. I read Marcus’ book and have been a fan …(Read More)

Rick – Recovering from Heart Infection

3/24/17 My never quit story starts three years ago today (March 24, 2014) when I went to the hospital thinking I had the flu. Instead …(Read More)

Rob – My A-1 Antitrypsin Survival and Grandfather’s WW2 Never Quit Stories

I have a two part never quit story. The first, more important one is about my grandfather and the second is mine. But before I …(Read More)

Dave – The Furthest Point You Have Been

Guys-thank you so much for starting and running this podcast. I look forward to it every week and it gets me amped to keep putting …(Read More)

Derek – Sacrifice Of Service – Power Of Family

I have been a fan of the podcast and been wanting to share my never quit story for sometime now. I woke up this morning …(Read More)

Will – Not A Failure

My story is not about overcoming a physical limitations like being in BUDS, or like David Goggins story of the first 100 mile race. It …(Read More)

Aaron – A Wrestler’s Comeback

My name is Aaron Banko. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I have been in the sport of wrestling since the 2nd grade. I am currently …(Read More)

Colleen – My Story Of Sexual Abuse

I am a victim and survivor of childhood sexual abuse. It is the first time that I have ever written those words. Your podcast of …(Read More)

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