Saved by Kyle Carpenter | Team Never Quit Podcast

Good morning guys. I want to start by thanking you for everything that you have done and continue to do for this country. You guys and guests of your show are a true blessing for the people of this country.

My story is short. I have worked in private security for my entire life. I was at work performing a routine patrol and thinking about some problems I am having. I wont bore you with my useless issues. These problems seemed so overwhelming that I stopped that patrol vehicle and sat there. Before I new what I was doing I had remove my sidearm from the holster, and had the barrel firmly buried under my chin. In the background, I was dimly aware of your show playing on my phone.

I can clearly remember my finger beginning to apply pressure to the trigger. Out of nowhere, your show and your guest that week, Kyle Carpenter, thundered into my ears. Kyle was talking about how he was trying to eat a bowl of cereal, and how the difficulty of that task had gotten to him.

My next thought was, “if this badass man who literally took the blast of a grenade for his brother in arms was not giving up, then I had no right to think that my stupid little problems should give me the right to even consider such an action.”

You guys are true life savers, and I thank you for your show.

Author: Vincent