Robert Paylor

UC Berkeley Graduate & Rugby Star, Quadriplegic On A Journey to Walk Again

A true champion. That describes this week’s guest, Robert Paylor, perfectly. Having broken his neck in the 2017 Collegiate Rugby National Championship, Robert has not accepted defeat in his physical or mental capacities. From living the life of a quadriplegic – unable to even move his hands – much less walk – to rising from his wheelchair and walking to receive his diploma, this guy is as inspirational as they come. Listen in as Robert tells his epic comeback story, which has brought hope and a never-quit mentality to thousands.


In this episode you will hear:
  • I was put on this earth to move people.
  • My chin was pushed into my chest; a second player grabbed my legs; I fell forward; my nose slammed against my chest, and when I hit the ground with the top of my head – poof – I couldn’t feel anything.
  • My whole life, I’ve tried to make my parent’s proud.
  • The doctors said: “If, one day, you could take a piece of pizza and bring it to your face, then you made it.”
  • Going under the knife in the area of my spinal cord – they said there was a chance I would not wake up, so I started calling my buddies.
  • I’m a man of faith. I needed prayers. I needed God.
  • The one thing you do have control over is your mindset.
  • Great opportunities comes from great challenges.
  • If I didn’t have humor through all of this, I would be crushed, depressed.
  • This is such a gift. Just to be able to struggle to walk around my house.
  • I had to go through something tough to gain perspective, but it a gift I use in my life, and I can help give it to others. It’s my purpose.
  • When I saw my hamstring twitch I said “Okay. Game on.” It was like smelling blood in the water.
  • No person has stood by my side like my mom.
  • I’m gonna be a damn good man, and I’m gonna live a damn good life, because I have angels around me.
  • I love my life. I’m proud of who I am.
  • We can’t wait to start enjoying our lives until something happens.
  • You don’t have to get out of your wheelchair to live a good life.
  • God gives His toughest challenges to His toughest soldiers.

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