Rick Perry

Former Texas Governor Interviews Marcus and Morgan Luttrell

This week’s TNQP guest needs no introduction. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry joins Marcus and Morgan, bringing to the table surprising stories of events and experiences with “The Luttrell Boys” – some previously known, and some unknown. Character and heroism are on full display in this episode, and Governor Perry makes no bones about how he feels about both of these patriots.

In this episode you will hear:

  • A call comes in from the command post. “Governor, there’s a young man down who said that you told him if he was ever through Austin to come by. Just to let you know, he’s here.” And I said, “Okay, what’s his name?” “Marcus Luttrell.” And I was like, “Hmmm…. Send him in.”
  • [Morgan] We’ve always started at the bottom and worked our way up. It was a fluid transition from the enlisted ranks.
  • If you want to effect change, then it’s time for you to man up and fill the seat. Quit yelling at the TV.
  • I get frustrated with the government from time to time.
  • Dr. Stanley Jones, I will always hold him in a special place because of his agreeing to do that initial work for Marcus.
  • When you [Morgan] crashed and ended up at the same place as Marcus, that was God’s way of tapping Marcus on the shoulder and saying “Hey dude, you gotta take care of your brother.”
  • The thing that amazes me about you guys is your fortitude after catastrophic injuries.
  • You guys have the most amazing discipline and character.
  • You reflect everything as a Texan. Texans and all Americans appreciate what you guys are all about.
  • They need people like you in the United States Congress, to show them what the military should be about.
  • You are fiercely loyal to your family, to your God, and to your state.
  • Team Never Quit is a really interesting concept, and no two people give a better reflection of that than Marcus and Morgan Luttrell.
  • I think America will be better off with another one of the Luttrell boys staying in the fight.

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