Rick – Recovering from Heart Infection


My never quit story starts three years ago today (March 24, 2014) when I went to the hospital thinking I had the flu. Instead it was an infection in my heart called endocarditis. As I was being wheeled into the ER, my heart was literally failing, I was dying

Six weeks in the hospital, then open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve, damaged by the infection.

The new valve I call the arc reactor. So, if I was taking the mad minute questions, I’d obviously answer Iron Man for my favorite super hero.

Getting up out of bed for the first time after surgery was like picking up 500 pounds.
Walking down the hall and back the first time took 15 minutes (with several stops along the way).

With all that being said, there were only two days I thought I’d never get out of the hospital. One was about a month into my stay when I was suffering from cabin fever. The other was the day I was released. I thought the doctors (I had five different specialist) would never sign the release papers.

Thank you guys for what you did for our great country. And thank you for what you’re doing now to inspire others to take what life gives them and NEVER QUIT.

Long live the brotherhood,


Author: Rick