Ray Care

Navy SEAL Veteran, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

How does one deal with growing up with divorced parents who don’t want you?
Join us as we talk with Ray Care – a Navy SEAL and twelve year veteran of the United States Navy – and hear his story of growing up with an abusive father that repeatedly told him he was worthless and how it left him mentally beaten down.

It had an extreme negative effect on his life as well.  One day, Ray looked in the mirror and saw a drug addict, a womanizer, and an alcoholic.  He was weak-minded, had no drive and was filled with doubt, remorse and anxiety.

Finally, Ray got tired of being the underdog and came to terms with making a change.After completing intense Navy SEAL training, he became intellectually sound, mentally hard and trainable.  Today he is a sought-after communicator.Ray now doesn’t know what it’s like to quit something.

In this episode you will hear:

  • You can overcome, prevail and conquer everything you set your mind to.
  • The 3 important F-Bombs of life:  Family, Fitness, and Finances.
  • Learn to thank the people who have hurt you.
  • It’s easy to settle – use your pain to produce progress.
  • You gotta believe in you.
  • Always look for ways to outperform the next guy.
  • Nobody’s gonna remember the quitter.
  • There is no ‘Plan B’.
  • Asking for external help can be a good thing.
  • It’s not your fault you’re the way you are today, but from this moment on, if you don’t change what you want to do or what you want to be, then it IS your fault.
  • Be happy to take a beating if it means not going into battle with quitters.
  • Don’t just run the easy route; sometimes you just gotta sit there and get your ass whooped.

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