Randy Beausoleil

Navy SEAL Officer On His Risky Combat Missions, Becoming a BUD/S Instructor & Putting Marcus Luttrell Through Training

What an amazing guest Marcus brings to the table in this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast.
Randy Beausoleil served for 34 years as a Navy SEAL, the world’s most elite fighting force. He earned two Bronze Star medals with the Combat “V”, and fought in every major conflict since 1984.
In this episode, Randy speaks in detail about a mission he participated in an attempt to take down Panama’s dictator and drug lord, Manuel Noriega. The successful underwater strategies of the SEALS was beyond risky, and the specifics of how it was executed is compelling, to say the least.
These days, Randy’s relentless pursuit is to teach mental toughness to those who are willing to do what it takes. He has counseled SEAL platoon commanders and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is a skilled teacher, leader, tactical advisor, and President of Old 18 Information Services.

Randy’s Book co-written with Brian “lucky” Riley: Unwavered: The Self-Belief of a Navy SEAL and TOPGUN Pilot

In this episode you will hear:

• I liked it. Jumping out of a Hilo – all that stuff – I’m kinda like “Okay, this it kinda it.” (9:08)
• I tell people that BUD/S was the most adult experience of my life. (12:39)
• It just a miserable program being in fleet. (12:47)
• I hated every second of the fleet part of the Navy. (13:00)
• [Manuel] Noriega was the king of drugs and all the other things bad. If you can remove God from society, he did everything that would happen once you do that. (22:34)
• President Bush, Sr. made him [Noriega] a target for – let’s just say “extraction.” (22:51)
• This was a completely soft-oriented mission- to go down and get Noriega. Everybody went down there to get one guy. To get him out of the country and turn that country over to the next democratic leader. He was just pumping drugs into the US. (23:50)
• I loved the whole BUD/S experience. (59:04)
• There is no comparison, in my opinion, for any other training on the planet. (59:47)
• Once you make it through Hell Week, I don’t want to say you’re a Team guy, but you have really done something. 80% of the other people are already gone. (61:0)
• I am full, 100% against body armor. Period. Dot. (75:35)
• I don’t think you take a special warfare SEAL, and put him in body armor to do anything. I’d rather move fast and quick with a group of guys. (75:41)
• We took all the basic stuff we were teaching and put it in that book, Unwavered. If you have unwavering self-belief, then you can accomplish anything. (90:30)
• You’re talking about an all-consuming mindset. That’s the only thing you’re thinking about. And if you allow all external influences (cancers) to weigh you down, you’re never gonna make it. (91:25)
• Your ability to survive is based on your ability to fight on their terms, to be sneaky, to know their tactics. It was super challenging. (98:34)

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