My Personal Struggle With Breast Cancer

My Story started in December of 2016. A routine mammogram found a spot so small they didn’t know what it was. After a needle biopsy, they gave me the bad news. Breast cancer.. The “C” word strikes terror into anyone who hears it, and I was no different. The hospital where I was diagnosed has what is called a navigator who helps you through the process with Dr.s appointments
Oncologists and Radiation Oncologists. It is a long process of surgery first, then tests to find out what kind of tumor, and whether you need Chemo and Radiation. Once I had surgery for a lumpectomy, the waiting for the tests to come back to find out what kind of cancer it was, was terrible. I ended up being luckier than many – if it can be called luck – my particular cancer was considered not terribly aggressive. I would only require 7 weeks of radiation. It sounds simple, but having to go in everyday and be subjected to radiation burns and the problems that come with that, is daunting. I was OK most days, but in the night, I would wake up so afraid.
The things that kept me going are my husband that never left my side and came to every treatment and appointment. He hid his own feelings in order to keep me upbeat. He said “I didn’t have cancer – we had cancer.” the second thing was our faith. We decided to share our faith and try to pray with as many of the other people there waiting for treatment as possible in hopes of helping them. this may sound corny, but when I felt myself slipping into depression, I’d put on my team never quit t-shirt to remind me that you guys never quit, so I should not either. It really helped me. This December I have my one year check. We are hopeful that there will not be a reoccurrence. I choose not to try and keep my fight quiet, because I hope others will feel free to ask me questions or for support if they need it.. Many women go through this pretty much alone, and it is terrifying.

Author: Randi