Perseverance Through the Worst Tragedy

Marcus, Rut, and Wizard
To start off I think it is extremely important that I thank you for your service to the greatest country on the earth and for your dedication to continue to serve those who are in need of encouragement. Without y’all, none of this would be possible.

It’s important to know that this story is not only mine. The basis of this story is not even centered around me. It is a story that is beginning of a long journey for a girl from a tight-knit community.

On July 5th, 2019 all I could think about was the celebration that was going to happen the next day with my buddies Evan, Ian, Garrett, and Levi. I had just gotten back from the gym when my dad told me to sit down and to listen. He had said there was a shooting, and the shooting was at my friend, Levi’s, house. He said he didn’t know all the details but that one person was dead.
Immediately my mind was going a million miles a minute. “Who was it?” I was asking myself. “Who was the one dead and the other three alive?” Ten minutes later, my dad got word from the police chief in town. He called my name. “It’s not good”, he said. I went into my room and sunk my head down into my bed. My dad had been ill informed before. Four people were dead. Of those four was my friend Levi. A friend I had ran with since the seventh grade. Someone whom I was with every weekend shooting guns, enjoying some beers, or just hanging around a bonfire all of a sudden was gone. It appeared that the father of the family shot his wife, and two sons (including Levi) before calling 911 and then turning the weapon upon himself.

Despite this unbearable tragedy, there was a shining point in the darkness. There was one family member not present that day. That was the youngest daughter, Sumer. She was at work during the incident.

On Friday, her entire family was gone in an instant. Now, I don’t know what she was going through. I can’t even imagine what was going through her mind. All the questions she had. Maybe wondering what she could have done to prevent it. Through all the adversity she was facing, Sunday, July 7th, she was at church worshipping the living God.

The story doesn’t end there. I’m writing this on Monday, July 8th. I want Sumer to learn of this podcast and I truly do plan to tell her. I’m hoping this story is shared for the sake of her well-being and to know there are people all over the close-knit community who are willing to give her love and support. I want her to know to NEVER QUIT through this tough spot in life. And we as a community will NEVER QUIT either.

I hope this can be something featured on a podcast and if not, it’s no big deal. You guys do so much already and regardless if this is on a podcast or not, she will understand the message y’all present. You guys are incredible for the things you have done and the things you continue to do for people.

Thank you guys for your service on the battlefield and in the studio.

Author: Bryce