Perseverance Through Adversity

First off, thank you all for your service. I have been listening to the podcast for over a year now and I’ve loved every episode.

My never quit story is not near as difficult as most, but it is my story and it means a lot to me. Late 2017, I thought I had everything figured out. I thought I’d found love and I thought I was happy. I won’t give any details, but that all came to an end through events that eventually came to the downfall of that relationship. I had been pulled out of the bliss of that period in time and came to the sudden realization that the life around me that I had been distracted from was all but kept poorly maintained. My physical health was at an all time low (I was 270 pounds at 5’4″), my mental and emotional health was dwindled down to nothing, and I had felt completely and utterly hopeless. I wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t eating, and wasn’t communicating with anyone. I ditched every responsibility I had to dwell in my own despair and saw no light in the long tunnel I was walking in. I had considered suicide every day and had found myself staring at my Smith & Wesson SD40 in my hands several times, wondering if I should just end all of my suffering.

It was then I had decided to pick up Marcus’s book Lone Survivor. I had seen the movie when it came out, but I hadn’t reflected on it too much and had never read the real story. The book absolutely rewired my perspective on everything. I will say to this day, Marcus Luttrell’s story has saved my life. It taught me perseverance through the toughest adversity, and that no matter how bad life gets, there is never a valid reason to give up.

Since then I have gotten myself down to 180 pounds while gaining a significant amount of muscle mass and I’m in the best shape of my life (and I am still not finished).

I continue to push myself every single day to improve myself in any way I can from being more open and conversitive with others (I have always been a socially anxious and quiet person) to learning about anything and everything that I can. I am currently working towards my recently set goal (after much thought) of becoming a Navy Seal. I have always wanted to serve my country in some way but never thought I could due to my previous mindset and physical ability, and I have always considered myself a patriot who is willing to give anything for those I love. I have also in the past year been wanting nothing more than to be a part of a high performing team and to form an unbreakable bond with highly motivated individuals.

I just want to personally thank Marcus for everything. Your story truly changed me sir and I have the utmost respect for you.

We all go through big ruts in life and there eventually comes a time when you’ll hit the bottom with no warning and no advice on how to dig your way out. This is when life is truly testing to see whether or not you have what it takes to give it all you’ve got, to get down and dirty and shift to that low gear to power your way through and come out on top.

We all have our demons and we all have to fight when them every once in a while.

There is never a reason to give up and I hope anyone who reads this finds some sort of value or can relate on some level.

Thank you all for reading and again, thank you for everything you guys do.

Love the podcast and keep up the good work. The content you gents continue to provide instills the necessary Never Quit mindset into those who need a little bit of a spark to get on a path of greatness. Thank you again.

Author: Connor