One Step at a Time

Not sure if my story is really a “never quit” but I wanted to share my story and how your show is helping me deal with my current issues.

Several years ago about 30 years I was a single mother finishing High School and getting ready for college when I thought I had met my soul mate. We were married in 1991 in Arizona and I started a new life as a mother and a Navy wife. We were stationed at NAS North Island and I spent many hours watching aircraft carriers dock and the BUD’s classes work on the beach on the strip. I was so proud of my husband that worked on anti-sub planes aka “hoover vacuums'”.

My son was born while my husband was out on workups for RIMPAC in 1992 I shoulder that role with honor and pride and knowing that I need to support my husband so that he could stay focused on his job on the USS Kitty Hawk. Fast forward to when my husband left the Navy and we came back home to Wyoming, within one year I found myself divorced with two young kiddos.

The only education I had was a High School diploma so I knew that I had to do something. With the amazing support of my parents, my mom was a stubborn lady! I started attending night classes and then driving back and forth 90 miles one way to attend a Community College in Powell Wyoming. The next step I need to take was to move to Laramie Wyoming with my two kids and finish my education with a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Chemistry Education. I made a “deal with God” and then told my mom about this deal. If God would help me find the money to live and pay for school I would move to Laramie.

Needless to say I was a very scared young lady. I still am not sure how I made it thru that move and earning that degree but by my faith in God and my mom cheering me on!! In August of 2020 my amazing mom passed away to be with the Lord and I am so very lost at times without her. I found your show because I have read or listened to both of Marcus’ books. Both books were huge life changers for me!! I can’t thank you enough for your courage to write those books. I have re-listened to several of your shows in the past few weeks and each time I can hear my mom cheering me on to take the next step!

“Have faith sweetheart the Lord is with you”

Thank you is just not enough to the Never Quit Team but that is all I have. God Bless each of you!!

Author: Rene