one day at a time

I wanted to thank you 3 from the bottom of my heart, Rut, Marcus and Wizard you guys have done so much for me in the last 3 weeks that I cant thank you enough.
You men are heroes not only for your service in the military but for what you are doing with this podcast. I learned my never quit attitude from my mother, she was almost beaten to death by my sperm donor while she was pregnant with me, was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia, beat breast cancer and adopted 2 young girls at the age of 58. Shes my hero.
My never quit story started 3 years ago when I found out my ex wife was sexually abusing my son, I freaked out and we went head first into a custody battle over our 2 kids , well needless to say I fell into the trap of a lot of men in the family justice system and instead of choosing to stop the assault they striped me of my rights and awarded her everything.
As soon as the courts did that she stopped letting me see them or even talk to them. After 6 months of this I started begging God to end my suffering and not let me wake up every night, and when it was made clear he wasn’t going to abide my wish I decided it was time to take action.
I wrote my note to my children explaining that I’m sorry and to please forgive me for this selfish act but I couldn’t go on anymore without my 2 beautiful children in my life.
I grabbed my shotgun, sat on my bed and began to put the barrel up against my head to finally end the nightmare I was stuck in. Before I could do it though, every last beautiful memory I had of my children kept flooding my mind, I instantly began to sob uncontrollably and dropped my weapon. I knew then that I couldn’t hurt my children or my family that way.
I’ve been stuck in this never quit moment for 3 years now. Even knowing that she blocks my calls, I still leave voicemails every week for my children, that way if they do hear them they know I love and miss them everyday.
When I found your podcast 3 weeks ago I was at the end of my rope again and begging God to end it all, but after listening to so many brave and amazing people tell their amazing never quit stories I felt as though you guys had given me back some of my armor to battle this depression and to actually try to make my life better for when the day comes that I’ll have my children back in my life.
I know this is ridiculously long and I’m sorry but thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my fighting spirit to believe I can have them in my life again.
I look forward to every new podcast with a renewed hope in my heart, you 3 mean the world to me and I’m sure everyone else feels the same. God bless you.

Author: luke