Nick Shaw

CEO & Co-Founder of Renaissance Periodization™, Co-Host of the RP Strength Podcast, Author of 'Fit For Success'

Nick is a former competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder and has also personally coached numerous world-class athletes, including CrossFit Games Champions, international medalists, Olympians, UFC fighters, professional athletes, and Navy SEALs. 

He is a co-host of the RP Strength podcast with wife – and RP colleague – Lori Shaw.
Nick, Marcus, and Morgan bring a very interesting and informative discussion about the complexities and “I can use it now” strategies for strength and nutrition.
In this episode you will hear:
  • I’m an accidental entrepreneur.
  • If you just bust your ass and get after it, you can get better.
  • In fitness or sports, there’s always a little bit more, you can do. You can get a little bit faster, you can get a little bit stronger, you can do a few more reps, whatever it is, you can grow a little more muscle.
  • I thought: What if we take people with elite genetics, and then combine the scientific approach? You could probably have some pretty cool athletes.
  • You have to nail the calorie balance first.
  • Stop snacking, just start eating lean proteins with every meal – more fruits and veggies, your healthy fats, avocados, olive oil, things like that.
  • Calorie balance is the number one overall thing.
  • You can give somebody the perfect diet, but if they’re never going to follow it, is it any good?
  • It’s not a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle.
  • You can’t out-train a bad diet.
  • Be prepared to work your tail off.
  • My wife’s a warrior. She’s way stronger than me.
  • 2020 was such a crappy year for so many people, and I knew there was going to be a way to help people.
  • Instead of trying to compete for little plastic trophies, it’s better to prioritize family.
  • You can learn so much from really successful people.

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